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" who am i "

I'm a monster Basically!

Hello there!

My name is Mia, but i'm commonly KNOWN as mia monster. growing up in sacramento i have always been the wild child who saw the world in a different PERSPECTIVE. I wasn't interested in learning THE COMMON OR 'CORRECT' METHOD OF DOING SOMETHING; I ALWAYS DID THINGS MY WAY. YOU CAN CALL ME A hopeful dreamer - I WILL ALWAYS DREAM BIG, AIM HIGH, AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. i love being able to EXECUTE MY COUPLES VISIONS. I WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN TO MAKE MY COUPLES DREAM DAY COME TRUE. i'm a total people pleaser, you ask and i'm your personal genie. failure is not an OPTION in my book, more like an invitation to watch me kick butt. 

ENJOY THESE Random Facts about Me:
1) I love sparkly things
2) I love to eat especially sushi
3) I love animals
4) I hate bugs
5) I do not like driving
6) I’m an organized slob (long story)
7) I’m a tom-boy at heart
8) Love to play soccer
9) Secretly trying to google maps the shortest route to Neverland


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    monstrous events isn't as scary as it seems if you follow these steps

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         work, well . . . 

1. contact me with all your dreams and must haves for your wedding to be picture perfect.

2. I will then respond and request to set up a date where we can meet and go over anything and everything. Also, I will include a pricing guideline.

3. If after the consultation we seem like we're meant to be, a booking proposal with the desired package will be emailed to you for review.

4. Not afraid of my bite and agree to the proposal? a contract will then be signed and a deposit will be issued.

5. Once signed and issued, your date is taken off my availability list. Granting me to be your Wedding vision executor!

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Thank You!

I cannot thank my past clients enough for giving me the opportunity to execute their forever commitment. Check out their kind words. 


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 - Chris + Esther

"I want to start off by saying Mia was a LIFESAVER!! Our wedding planner had literally cancelled and pulled out on us a week before the wedding and let me just say I was in a panic & stressed out to the fullest! Mia did an AMAZING job getting everything I visioned come true within just a short amount of time. She even made sure our vendors were doing what they were SUPPOSED to be doing and if not would inform me yet still making me feel comfortable, relaxed, and made sure that the issue would be fixed or situated ASAP! She made sure I was not stressed on my wedding day and offered to get me water, snacks, or etc. just so I was at ease. She did an awesome job & would recommend her again to anyone in a HEARTBEAT! Thank you Mia for everything you did! our wedding would have not been so amazing if it wasn’t for you & team Uvvisions! We truly appreciate you all."


 - Jason + Ivana

"mia is absolutely amazing! her work is fantastic, even all our guest have said she is the best wedding coordinator they have seen!!
she saw our vision and made it 100 times better. We have literally looked back at our wedding photos everyday and just can't stop admiring how perfect our day was.
monster, thank you so much!"

- Rich + Jessie

"monster was so professional during the whole wedding process. she was so fun and made us feel so comfortable from the get go. We looked into a few other coordinators but they lacked passion and were not as reasonably priced. We would not recommend any other coordinator!
We love you mia!!"


- miguel + andrea

" I've been working with mia for years now and I can't say enough. she has coordinated the smallest to biggest moments in my families life. we couldn't be happier with her. This past October we had the privilege of being able to have the monstrous events team coordinate our wedding and I have never been more satisfied with a decision before. mia showed up with the most relaxed and calm attitude that made me relaxed...and well a relaxed bride is good for everyone. From the first brush stroke of blush to my face to that fun last dance with our closest family and friends mia found a way to take the stress off of every moment.
If you ever need n event planner, no matter how big or small the event, mia with monstrous events is the way to go! You will not be disappointed, she truly is amazing ay what she does and a great person to work with.  "

Reviews from past clients


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